Finally, a Study on the Effects of Diet on the Progression of Prostate Cancer, by Dr. Josh Fink.

Dr. Weinberg is one of the experts helping to conduct this study.

It would be a huge step forward if, one day, Doctors could tell a man that what he eats directly impacts the progression of his disease.  This information might empower our patients to directly affect their health on a daily basis based on their eating habits.

The “MEAL” study (or Men’s Eating and Living), sponsored by the National Cancer Institute, is designed to test whether a high-vegetable diet will lower risk for prostate cancer progression compared to a “standard” diet.  The MEAL study is crucial to our understanding of the possible relation between consumption of food/food groups and the progression of prostate cancer.

The Clinical Trials Program at Northern Westchester Hospital is excited to present the MEAL study in prostate cancer.  True to its name, the MEAL study focuses on whether a man’s nutrition and diet contribute towards the progression of prostate cancer.  Although a simple internet search will reveal plenty of information that states certain foods may decrease the incidence of prostate cancer, opinions are still mixed as to whether or not there is truth to the notion that diet plays a role in either the development of prostate cancer or the progression of prostate cancer once it has been diagnosed.

The MEAL study is designed for men who have been diagnosed with prostate cancer and have been placed on active surveillance, also known as the watch and wait approach. These men have not had chemotherapy, radiation or surgery.

The study is being conducted by some of New York’s most premier oncologists and surgeons, including Northern Westchester Hospital’s very own Dr. Jonathan Goldberg, Dr. Thomas Lester, Dr. Julie Gold, Dr. Jeffrey Halaas, Dr. Warren Bromberg, and Dr. Jerry Weinberg.

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